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Students with Masks

WHO do we help?

Kids, Teens & Adults

IQRx can work with high performing students, gifted children, students in need of tutoring, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism, reading & writing disabilities (Dyslexia / Dysgraphia), math related disabilities (Dyscalculia),   Auditory Processing Disorder, regaining mental agility & focus, memory loss, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), brain strokes, cognitive impact due to epilepsy, medical treatment, cerebral palsy and down syndrome.


HOW do we help?

Brain Training, Tutoring, & Workshops

Through brain training we can improve cognitive skills and academic performance, treat the cause rather than only the symptoms, unlock the potential, obtain greater confidence in every area of life.

What do we do @ IQRx? (Spanish Video)
What is Brain Training? (English Video)
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Juice Plus

Download our research brochure and read about our methods and results.

Nutrition is essential part of brain health. Check our our JuicePlus+ products below.


Our Success Stories


Sebastian Toro

El ajedrez es un monumento de multiples destrezas en donde el individuo pone a prueba su entendimiento del juego y sus virtudes cerebrales. El braintraining sin duda me ha ayudado a enriquecer  mi proceso de pensamiento y a agilizar mi agudeza mental.



This diagnosis isnt permanent , just lacks of phonemic awareness and auditory processing, and other areas we can improve.

Mother and Daughter


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