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Emotional Intelligence Workshop

What is emotional intelligence?


It is the ability to “recognize our own feelings and those of others, to motivate ourselves and to properly manage emotions in ourselves and our relationships.” Daniel Golemann




Provide the participants with useful tools for the recognition and management of emotions, along with social coexistence skills through experiential and reflective activities.




Workshop designed to be worked in 9 sessions; each lasting approximately two hours. It is worth mentioning that the process is an experiential one where the participants will be sharing their life experiences and emotions, so the estimated time can be altered according to each experience.

The sessions can be applied to both children and adolescents. In the case of having diversity of ages in the attendees, it will be carried out in groups separated by ages.


Session Topics:


1 Introduction I: Emotions

2 Introduction II: Self-Awareness (Emotional Understanding / Self-Knowledge)

3 Self-esteem & Self-concept

4 Perception & Confidence

5 Effective Communication

6 Change Management & Conflict Resolution

7 Difficult Emotions

8 Teamwork & Leadership

9 Closing

Workshop Details:

  • Age: 9 years+

  • Depending on amount and age of students registered, they are grouped by age 9 - 11/12 years, 12/13 - 14/15 years, 15/16+

  • Offering depends on reaching minimum quantity of registered students (5)

  • 9 weeks -  2 hour session per week (18 hours total)

  • $475

  • Can be combined with Art Therapy workshop or individual sessions.  See information in this link.

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