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About Us

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Dr. Ken Gibson

Dr. Ken Gibson, founder of BrainRx, combined 30 successful years of clinical research helping people learn with the vision to pass this ability on to passionate, caring professionals. 


Who are we?

We are professionals devoted to working one-on-one with students who struggle or desire maximum learning skill enhancement and adults who struggle with every day execution or want to regain previous skills. We are trainers armed with powerful cognitive skills testing and training tools that can literally transform learning weaknesses into strengths in 12 to 36 weeks. We are partners with concerned parents — who together can produce rapid, lasting, guaranteed results.

What do we do?

IQRx serves individual students with powerful cognitive skills testing and training for kids and adults aging from 4 to 99 years old. Cognitive-based reading, math, and early start programs are also available. Through testing we create the student’s unique Cognitive Skills Profile. Then he or she is matched with a dedicated trainer to form the student’s personal Success Team. This trainer is devoted to the student for the entire training process. In this supportive relationship, the student receives personalized cognitive skills training which is reviewed and customized during each session to match the student’s needs and maximize his or her progress. 

IQRx also offers individualized tutoring to ensure knowledge content gaps are closed once cognitive skills are efficient for learning.  In addition, we offer reviews for standardized testing such as SAT and College Board which when paired with brain training are a powerful combination to maximize performance.  Morever, IQRx offers a series of workshops to complement efficient cognitive skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Studying Habits and Memorization Techniques, Managing Emotions through Art and/or Music, Public Speaking, Multi Media, Money Management, and STEM courses such as Coding, Robotics and Experimenting.  These workshops are seasonal and depend on resource availability as well as minimum registration.

Can we make a difference for your child?

The combination of accurate, affordable cognitive skills testing, powerful training programs, and dedicated, one-on-one trainers allow us to answer with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” 

​Cognitive skills weakness is the source of well over 80% of all learning and reading difficulties in the U.S. according to studies by the National Institute of Health. BrainRx cognitive skills testing and training will identify your child’s specific cognitive weakness. Personalized training will be designed to overcome that weakness and turn it into a life-long strength. Your child can experience a learning transformation in as little as 12 to 36 weeks…guaranteed!

IQRx’s methodology makes us one of the only cognitive training systems in the nation that can guarantee specific results.

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