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Art Therapy

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 Art Therapy consists of people making use of artistic tools and resources (drawing, painting, dancing, theater, photography, and writing, among others) to express and put out there everything that cannot or is difficult to express with words; a way of emptying your inner self. It also gives us the opportunity to explore our inner and outer world from another perspective. Although we make use of these tools and resources, we do not teach techniques at an artistic and educational level, beyond what may be useful for expression. Art therapy workshops allow participants to: explore their emotions and their inner world in a space of safety, trust and respect; find tools for conflict management and resolution; and find harmony with their inner world and with the external world of which they are a part of. They will do this entire process accompanied by an art therapist willing to listen objectively and without judgment; support them and provide them with tools for their journey of self-knowledge, self-expression, imagination and mind-body connection.


​Art therapy is a discipline specialized in accompanying, facilitating, and enabling a change in the person through the use of artistic creation as a tool to facilitate the expression and resolution of emotions and emotional or psychological conflicts.  Art Therapy unites two fields: Psychology and Art.  By making use of various art tools and resources (drawing, painting, photography, dance, theater, writing), we give ourselves the opportunity to discover and explore our inner world, our emotions and how all this is an important part of relating to the world around us. It also offers us a series of tools that help us with our self-knowledge, personal development, and emotional expression.


From the possibility of expressing ourselves through artistic creation in total freedom, we open doors to being able to experiment, liberate, feel, transform, question, play, imagine, know, learn, among many others. Art therapy offers accompaniment in the expression of our feelings, tools to learn about emotional intelligence and emotion management, new forms and tools for reinforcing self-esteem, exploration, clarification and resolution of problems and/or conflicts, improving quality of life, insight, working on self-knowledge and self-care, respect, empathy and listening.

Group Workshop:

  • Age: 9 years+

  • Depending on amount and age of students registered, they are grouped by age 9 - 11/12 years, 12/13 - 14/15 years, 15/16+

  • Offering depends on reaching minimum quantity of registered students (5)

  • 8 weeks -  2 hour session per week (16 hours total)

  • All materials included

  • Adult group sessions can be coordinated if there are at least 5 interested

  • $475

Individual Sessions

  • Age: 8 years+ (including adults)

  • Full course involves 8 weeks of one hour session per week but can be extended as needed

  • $520 

  • Additional hours can be acquired at $65/hr

  • All materials included

Can be combined with Emotional Intelligence Workshop.  See information in this link.

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