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Unlike tutoring, which works on specific academic subjects (like history), IQRx’s cognitive skills training attacks the root causes of learning and execution struggles and/or maximizes performance by strengthening cognitive skills.  Performance on standardized tests such as SAT has been shown to demonstrate correlation with IQ and as such, cognitive skills.  Moreover, training cognitive skills will also be beneficial for performance in college.  Therefore, our recommendation is to consider preparing for SATs and College Board early on to be able to train cognitive skills as well as take a review course and practice tests to solidify content. More information on brain training for improving SATs can be found in this link.

IQRx first works with training cognitive skills to maximize learning, execution and performance.  Then, it can work by reviewing content and practice tests through individualized tutoring or group reviews.  Once the student has maximized his/her learning and performance, reviewing and practicing material included in these standardized tests is easier, faster, and more effective.  Moreover, benefits are permanent and not only just for the test but for college performance in general.

Group reviews SAT includes:

  • 15 hrs English Content

  • 15 hrs Math Content

  • 2 hrs test taking strategies

  • SAT official review book.

  • Pre-test & post test

  • Practice test opportunities

  • $675

Group reviews College Board:

  • 10 hrs English Content

  • 10 hrs Math Content

  • 10 hrs Spanish Content

  • 2 hrs test taking strategies

  • Review material copies

  • Pre-test & post test

  • Practice test opportunities

  • $675

There is opportunity to complete the reviews on an individualized basis where the resource is dedicated to the student.  Prices work in packages just as our tutoring services:

Tutoring Rates:

$45 per hour

$400 for 10 hours prepaid package

$525 for 15 hours prepaid package

Tutoring Rates Adapted for Reviews:

  • 17 hrs (8 hrs per subject x 2 subjects, and 1 hr strategies)  for $680

  • 21 hrs (10 hrs per subject x 2 subjects, and 1 hr strategies)  for $820

  • 31 hrs (15 hrs per subject x 2 subjects or 10hrs per subject x 3 subjects, and 1 hr strategies)  for $1,170

  • All include pre and post test

  • All include SAT review book or review material copies for CB

  • These are suggested time distributions per subject but if more hours are required for one subject, the total subject hours purchased in package (16, 20, or 30) can be distributed differently.  

  • Additional hours can be purchased at $35/hr.

  • Supplemental practice test sessions of 3-4 hours each:

    • package at $150 up to 4 practice tests

    • $65 per test

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