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Studying Habits & Memorization Techniques Workshop

TEM - 
Técnicas de Estudio y Memoria

Over the years, psychologists have developed and evaluated numerous techniques, from rereading to summarizing to self-testing.  Some common strategies significantly improve student achievement, yet others are time-consuming and ineffective. Nevertheless, this information is not shared or taught in the classroom. Teachers are not always being told which learning techniques are supported by experimental evidence. Students are not necessarily being taught how to use the ones that work well.  This workshop is aimed at providing a variety of effective studying and organization techniques so that the students can have a tool box where to choose from depending on what works best for them.  These techniques, that are learned, coupled with maximized cognitive skills achieved through brain training are the full package for success.


In today’s education systems, the emphasis is on teaching students content.  Less time is spent on teaching them how to learn. The result can be that students who do well in their early years, when learning is closely supervised, may struggle once they are expected to regulate their own learning in middle school, high school, or college.  These techniques are not one size fits all.  They benefit only those who are motivated and capable of using them.  Hence, this is why it is key to ensure that students have the necessary skills to learn efficiently so that they can truly apply them.  This is why we recommend coupling these with brain training to maximize the student's learning skills.  

Student Membership

Age: 12+ (7th grade +)

The TEM Workshop includes:

  • Note taking tips & techniques

  •  How to prepare summaries, reviews, outlines and tree diagrams

  • How to do active reading for studying

  • How to define short and long term goals and objectives following the SMART approach, and create a plan to follow-up and align with your calendar and schedule

  • Efficient time management techniques including how to prioritize, develop an itinerary or schedule, To do List, and keep an agenda

  • Strategies for test taking

  • 8 different memorization techniques to better record and retrieve facts and data through association and visualization

  • Studying methods and techniques based on neuroscience as established in latest research 

The lessons are very practical in nature.  They involve short lessons with examples, classroom practice exercises, and homework consisting of applying the technique with school  work that they already need to study.  These techniques need to be practiced in order to truly be able to use them effectively.  Feedback is provided to both classroom and homework when student hands them in.  The lessons can be learned through a group workshop or through individualized packages:

  1. 16 modules of 1.5 hours for a total of 24 contact hours in group sessions at $445

  2. 12 hours of individualized sessions at $600.  Depending on the pace of the student, additional hours may be required. 

Additional coaching of particular needs can be acquired as a package with the group workshop or as part of the individualized sessions at additional costs.

Follow-up Coaching can be acquired  to zoom in the following topics:

1.  College planning

2.  Identifying talents, interests and strengths

3.  Concentration & Focusing techniques

4.  Increasing motivation

5.  Managing nervousness, anxiety, and stress

6.  Follow-up on any specific techniques learned

Coaching is $65/hr after going through TEM.

The recommendation is to couple these techniques with brain training to maximize the student's learning skills in order to ensure that the student has the best skills to learn and apply them.  For information on brain training to improve cognitive skills, go to BrainRx page and for cognitive skills plus reading go to ReadRx page.

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