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Autism Therapy

Intellectually Gifted & Enhancements


"Children who are gifted are defined as those who demonstrate an advanced ability or potential in one or more specific areas when compared to others of the same age, experience or environment. These gifted individuals excel in their ability to think, reason and judge, making it necessary for them to receive special educational services and support to be able to fully develop their potential and talents." - Davidson Institute

Enhancements are students with average to good cognitive skills with good grades that may or may not be gifted and want to maximize their skills to improve and reach new goals.


Gifted children come from all different racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as economic status. While no two gifted children are the same, many share common gifted characteristics and traits, such as:

  • Advanced thinking and comprehension above their age peers

  • Emotional intensity, depth and sensitivity at a young age

  • Heightened sense of self awareness

  • Highly developed curiosity

  • Excellent memory

  • Quirky or mature sense of humor

  • Intense Questioning

  • Enthusiastic about unique interests and topics  

  • Creative problem solving and imaginative expression 

  • Absorbs information quickly with few repetitions needed 

  • Self-aware, socially aware, and aware of global issues 

  • A tendency to hold themselves and others to high standards

  • Perfectionism or a very defined sense of justice

  • Challenges when understanding rules set by others  


"Gifted testing and assessments are often done to determine if a child is intellectually gifted.  The two main categories for gifted identification are achievement tests and abilities tests.   


Achievement tests look for a child’s knowledge in a subject area. They may be group-administered, like the SAT and ACT, or they might be administered individually by a trained professional, like the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement. Group-administered achievement tests are often standardized and the results provide a numerical score. Individually administered achievement tests done by a professional are often part of a larger gifted assessment whose results cover the child’s learning profile in more depth. Achievement tests can be used as gifted testing to screen students for particular areas of academic strength. 


Abilities tests evaluate a child’s cognitive abilities or intelligence quotient (IQ). These are delivered individually by a trained professional, often someone with an advanced degree in education, psychology, or social work. The results are numerical and descriptive since it often includes the professional’s observations of the child, interpretation of the results, and recommendations.  Abilities tests can be used for gifted assessment, which provides a more in-depth learning profile." - Davidson Institute


At IQRx, while we do not provide diagnoses, the fact is that many of our students come to us with previous  diagnoses, including Gifted.  Nevertheless, our cognitive skills can reflect students that have very strong skills and could potentially be diagnosed by a professional.  We help gifted children and adults with  because we can maximize cognitive skills to help them  achieve their true potential. In addition, training at every high levels of difficulty help these students manage frustration and anxiety, as well as develop perseverance and hard work.  In fact, our brain training programs strengthen all critical cognitive skills which is why children and adults who go through our program experience such significant improvements in school, work, and life.


Resources for gifted children include acceleration programs at school, differentiation at school, homeschooling, summer programs for gifted students,  therapy to handle anxiety and social issues, and brain training.

Intense one-one-one cognitive skills training with BrainRx can help gifted people maximize their skills, reach true potential, manage fear of failure, and work on their patience, anxiety, and perseverance. 

Helpful Resources

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BrainRx training was beneficial to understand who I am, my areas of strength and weakness. It was good to work with others on the exercises. It was worth the commitment. I feel it has helped me focus on areas of weakness that I can continue to work on, to improve and have a more fulfilled life.

- Caroline S.

Brain Training Results

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