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What is ReadRx?

ReadRx® is an intensive sound-to-code reading and spelling intervention for ages six to adult. We originally tested 2,000 struggling readers and found common weak skills that included long- and short-term memory, processing speed, and auditory processing. As a result, the first half of ReadRx focuses on these four skills (plus any individualized weak skills). The second half builds on that foundation with reading and spelling skills.

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Skills Strengthened by ReadRx

  • Long-Term Memory

  • Processing Speed

  • Working Memory

  • Auditory Processing

  • Reading Fluency

  • Word Attack (Decoding)

  • Comprehension

  • Spelling Sounds and Awareness

Signs of Reading struggles

  •  Assembling word parts - The most common type of reading strategy in 3rd grade. The child breaks the word into small pieces. Often these are not real words and letters are used in several word parts.

‘plank’ is read as ‘plan-ank’ or ‘literature' is read as ‘lite-rat-ture' 

  •  Common pronunciation errors - These are accurate and phonetically correct decodings of irregularly spelled words. 

‘honey' is read as 'hone-ee' or 'there’ is read as 'theer' 

  • Whole word guessing - The child reads the first letter(s) accurately and guesses a known word, which is similar in length and form. 

‘fork’ is read as ‘food’ or ‘spoon’ is read as ‘span’ 

  •  Limited code knowledge - The child has an incomplete knowledge of the spelling code. As a result, they will write the correct number of sounds, but the incorrect spelling. 

‘made’ is written as ‘mad’ or ‘pout' is written as 'pot' 

  • Complete guessing – Guessing at words based upon the context. 

‘the’ is read as ‘fun’ or ‘big’ 

  • Letter naming – The child reads the word by saying the letter names. 

‘punch’ is read as ‘peeuhenseeaetch

Other Basics

  • Involves content because it includes 25 lessons on all English phenomes for symbol to sound coding

    • Includes reading drills as well as spelling and coding drills​

  • Should have base cognitive skills improved because ReadRx requires all 25 lessons to be complete.  Therefore, it is usually done in combo with BrainRx or after a student completed a BrainRx program previously.

  • In addition to all cognitive skills improvements: 

    • Improves reading fluency, speed, and mechanics required for reading comprehension. 

    • Improves spelling

    • Improves vocabulary acquisition, retention, and usage

    • Improvements are transferable to other languages if student knows phonetics of that language

  • Very helpful for learning English​

  • Ages 9/10 and up​​

  • Program length: 75, 90, 120, 150, and 180 hours (depends if it is on combo or stand alone)

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