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Autism Therapy

SAT/ACT/College Board Preparation

Why not just review content but also train the brain?

Is your teen preparing to take the SAT or ACT exam? How is she/he preparing?

Here is what they can do to help increase their scores, their chances of getting into a good college or university, and their chances of succeeding once they get there—and once they graduate.

There are two parts to smartness: knowledge and IQ and here at IQRx we work with both.

Just because your teen can remember math formulas or the timeline of World War II does not mean they are ready for college. There are actually two parts to smart—knowledge and IQ—and you need both of them to get into top colleges and universities.

Knowledge is information gained from learning, studying, and memorizing academic material such as historical facts, grammar, or mathematical equations. It relates to content taught and learned. IQ is a measure of intelligence, including things like spatial reasoning, logical ability, and relationships. It relates to how you learn.  Where once IQ was thought to be a stagnant number (e.g. you were born with your IQ), brain researchers now know that it can actually be increased by strengthening cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are the tools that enable humans to do things like:

■ Focus
■ Think
■ Prioritize
■ Plan
■ Understand
■ Visualize
■ Remember
■ Create useful associations
■ Solve problems

IQ scores are sometimes used as predictors of educational achievement. The Princeton Review published a 2003 study showing that college freshmen who scored in the top 19 percent in terms of cognitive skills among their peers were accepted into state colleges. Those in the top 9 percent for cognitive skills were accepted into private colleges. But only those ranking in the top 0.2 percent were accepted into Ivy League  universities!


IQRx provides a professional cognitive skills evaluation to measure all cognitive skills including memory, processing speed, visual and auditory processing, logic and reasoning, and attention.  With this evaluation, we can determine weak cognitive skills or those that may benefit of an additional boost so that learning is faster and easier, execution is better, and even reviewing and preparing for such standardized tests is easier.  

At IQRx we can assess your cognitive skills to find areas of improvement but we can also perform a practice test to understand content that needs reviewing and strengthening.

Helpful Resources

Unlike tutoring, which works on specific academic subjects (like history), IQRx’s cognitive skills training attacks the root causes of learning and execution struggles and/or maximizes performance by strengthening cognitive skills. Students completing the BrainRx program usually see three to four years of improvement in as little as 12 to 24 weeks!

IQRx first works with training cognitive skills to maximize learning, execution and performance.  Then, it can work by reviewing content through individualized tutoring or group reviews.  Once the student has maximized his/her learning and performance, reviewing and practicing material included in these standardized tests is easier, faster, and more effective.  

Information on brain training focusing on cognitive skills and reading can be found in Brain Training page.

Information on review packages can be found in SATs & College Board Reviews page

BrainRx training was beneficial to understand who I am, my areas of strength and weakness. It was good to work with others on the exercises. It was worth the commitment. I feel it has helped me focus on areas of weakness that I can continue to work on, to improve and have a more fulfilled life.

- Caroline S.

Brain Training Results

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